Tuesday Lesson Practice Game 7 June 2022

Hi All,

Congratulations to Debbie and Carol for a nice 60.14% for today's top. You've all done very well.

Check back tomorrow to see if I've added any comments to today's boards. We'll continue next week with the One-of-a-Suit Worksheet.

See you then.


It floats to North who opens 1 Diamond with  18 HCPs plus 1 for the Spade doubleton. He intends to jump to 2 No Trump or 3 Clubs depending on partner's response. East passes and South bids up the line with 1 Heart. North now has stoppers in both the unbid suits, so jumps to 2 No Trump showing a balanced hand and 18-19 HCPs. South raises to 3 No Trump and it makes for the top.

It floats to West who opens 1 Heart. East jumps to 3 hearts to invite partner to game with his 4-card support and 11 points. West reevaluates to 15 points and raises to game. It makes for the top.

South passes and West opens 1 Heart with a good suit and 16 points. East responds 1 Spade and West decides that his Hearts are self-supporting and he wants to play in them even if partner has none. He reevaluates to 16 HCPs plus 5  for the 7-card suit. He has no forcing bid, so raises to what he thinks he can make, 4 Hearts. I wish I'd really done that.

East opens 1 No Trump with balanced hand and 16 HCPs. West responds 2 Clubs, Stayman, to see if partner has 4 Hearts. He doesn't and rebids 2 Diamonds to deny a 4-card major. West must rebid 2 No Trump and East stops to reevaluate. He has 16 HCPs and no 5-card suit, but does have 4 prime honors versus only one Quack. He decides he is certainly more like 17 HCPs points than 15, so raises to 3 No Trump. It makes for the top.

North opens 1 No Trump with his balanced hand and 25 HCPs. South responds 2 Clubs, Stayman, to look for a 4-card Heart suit and North rebids 2 Diamonds to deny a 4-card major. South raises to 3 No Trump with his 11 HCPs. Unfortunately, declarer must lose 5 Diamonds and the Ace of Hearts to go down. Sometimes you do everything right, but the cards are wrong.

This is a hard hand to get right.

West counts 17 HCPs plus 2 for the Club singleton and opens 1 Diamond. East responds 1 Spade and and West stops to think. He's still not ready to place the contact with no apparent 8-card fit and no Club stopper. He has only two forcing bids; a jump-shift to 3 Hearts to show 19 points and force to game and a reverse to 2 Hearts to force the partnership to at least 3 Diamonds or higher. He rejects the former as too high, too soon. If East has to bid Clubs at the 4-level, they're past 3 No Trump. The reverse is far from perfect in that if East has to bid 3 Clubs, they're forced to 3 No Trump and East may have only 6 points.

It pretty much boils down to the reverse and maybe ending in 3 No Trump or hoping that partner has 5 Spades and jumping straight to 4 Spades. Fortunately, either will work if you play carefully.