Question of the Week - 7

Hi All,

I received the below hand this week and South wanted to know how they could have done better.      

North                                 South

ª A K Q 5 3                         ª 10 8 6

© Q                                    © 9 5 4 3

¨ Q J 6 4 3                          ¨ A 7

§ A Q                                 § 9 8 7 6

West opened a marginal 1 Club in first seat, North overcalled 1 Spade (limiting his hand to 11-16 points) and East and South passed. West rebid an ugly 2 Clubs, North rebid 2 Diamonds, East passed and South corrected to 2 Spades. They made 10 tricks and scored poorly.

When West opens 1 Club, North must double (Big) to be able to describe his big hand. East will pass and South will advance 1 Heart. West should pass and North will rebid in Spades to show his suit and 17 or more points. Less discerning Souths might pass, but all of you would remember the "or more" and raise to show support for the suit and some points. North would then go to game.

If the partners have discussed these situations, North could double and then jump to show even more values and make South's decision easier.

Good luck and stay well.  Dave