Thursday Open Play

Open duplicate play will start promptly at Noon on Thursdays. You are guaranteed to play if you arrive on time. This club awards no master points or prizes and the emphasis is on enjoyment of the world's greatest game with a friendly group. We strongly support the ACBL Zero-Tolerance rules.These and other club rules and pointers are found in the column at the right. Members may use any systems or conventions allowed by the ACBL.

The club uses electronic scoring and results are displayed during play. The results are compiled and posted on after play. In addition to the final standings, each board is displayed with a computer analysis of what contracts could have been made. A recap of the contract and result of each board at each table allow the players to see how they did compared to others and how they might have done better.

The fees are $5.00 per session, which are comprised of $2.00 for Centennial Hall and $3.00 for the Club. Snacks and beverages are provided.