Tuesday Lessons - Temporarily unavailable

Lessons start promptly at Noon on Tuesdays. The subject matter is appropriate for students who have played bridge previously, but want to modernize and improve their game. The lessons are printed in the column to the right. Each week the students are expected to study the assigned lesson and read the appropriate section of the textbook, Bridge for Dummies by Eddie Kantar.

The lesson will begin with a 45 minute discussion of the subject, followed by a break and then supervised play. The play will be in the duplicate format with a director/instructor to facilitate play and provide assistance as needed. We play 18 boards and finish at 3:30 - 4:00. The results are entered into a computer and are displayed as play progresses.

The results are compiled and posted on nhbridge.club after play. In addition to the final standings, each board is displayed with a computer analysis of what contracts could have been made. A recap of the contract and results of each board at each table allow the students to see how they did compared to others and how they might have done better.

Some of the eight lessons take as much as 2 months to complete and some take as little as 2 weeks. The entire course takes as long as 8 months and then repeats. Since some students start in the middle or miss lessons, it usually takes two times through to get everything. This is obviously not a game for the impatient seeking instant gratification. Patience is rewarded, however, because you are learning a game which will give you pleasure for the rest of your life.

You can come with a partner or find a partner here. You must realize, however, that the director/instructor is not available to play and an unmatched player will not be able to participate in the supervised play. It is always better to find a partner as soon as possible.

The fee is $5 per session, which is comprised of $1.00 for the lesson, $3.00 for Centennial Hall, and $1.00 for the supervised play. A player who is unable to stay for the supervised play will pay only $4.00. No lunch, snacks or beverages are provided. Bring you own.

You must also play in accordance with the lessons. Everyone must be on the same page. If you want to play a different system, you will be deemed to have graduated to open play.