Thursday Open Game 30 March 2023

We had a smoothly running 7 Table Mitchell movement today.  Even though the Mitchell is an easier movement I am going to continue to try to run Howell movements because people get to socialize with more players and the Howell awards many more points.

Today we had some new players including Bea Herbert, David Roberts and Lisa Allison. It was also nice to see Judy Parks again.  Congratulations to Peter/Donna and Darrell/Brent for the wins.  I am also happy to see C strat players continue to win points - Cynthia/Marion, Rick/Penny and Joe Hayes and Jane Greenslit who played with more experienced partners. Note that the strat limits for A/B/C were Open/200/20 today.

Next week's lesson will be on Inverted Minors.

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Wednesday Open Game 29 March 2023

Hi All,

A lovely day for bridge. We didn't have enough players for a duplicate game this week, but had a spirited rubber game. Jill was the winner with 4310 points for 5 rubbers of Chicago, followed by Claire with 3330 and MJ with 2810. I got to be the goat with 2620 points and that's definitely not an acronym for Greatest Of All Time. Great fun!

I hope we have enough for a duplicate game next week, but it may take a while for interested players to adjust their schedules.

See you next time, Dave

Tuesday Lesson Practice Game 28 March 2023

Hi All,

A nice day with 5 full tables. Congratulations to John and Joan for a nice 55.9% for the top. You've all done very well.

Next week we will start Responses to One-of-a Suit Openings. These bids will either describe responder's hand or force opener to describe his hand. In this way we will allow one partner to know what both hands have so that he can set the contract. This is always our goal.

See you next time,