Thursday Bridge 18 November 2021

Hi All,

Congratulations to Linda and Nancy (59.97%) and Roger and Connie (58.79%) for top scores for the day. You've all done very well.

Some players had trouble with boards 21 and 28. I discuss them below.

Next week is Thanksgiving. I hope you have a great holiday and that I'll see you on 2 December 2021.



North opens 2 Clubs with his strong hand. South has no points, but responds 2 Diamonds as required. North rebids 2 No Trumps to show his 22-24 HCPs and balanced hand and South stops to ponder whether to just pass or transfer to 3 Spades. His hand may be useless in No Trump, but he should provide several tricks in Spades. He bids 3 Hearts (The Jacoby Transfer) to force partner to rebid 3 Spades then passes. They make 9 or 10 tricks for a decent score. Two pairs somehow bid and make 4 Spades, but 3 Spades making with or without the overtrick will be a good score.

John and Robert got the top with 6 Diamonds bid and made. I'm not sure how they got there, but a good approach would be to open 2 Clubs with the 7-card suit and 22 points. East responds 2 Diamonds as required and West rebids just 3 Diamonds since he can't see a cold game (He could lose 1 Spade and 2 Diamonds). East sees extra values since his Diamond support is probably enough for game in itself. He decides to rebid 4 Diamonds to force to game and to indicate extra values by not just jumping to game.

West stops to think. With partner's support, he's reasonably certain that the Diamonds will run and the extra values should provide at least one more trick. He bids 6 Diamonds and it makes for the top. Good job however they got there.