Question of the Week 23

 Hi All,

The below hand was sent asking how to get to 6 No Trump. The sender's pair got to 3 No Trump and everyone else bid and made 6 No Trump.



                     ª A Q 3

                     © K J 4

                     ¨ K J 4

                     § 10 8 7 3

West                                  East

ª 6 5                                  ª J 10 9 7 4 2

© 10 8 7 6 5 2                      © 9

¨ 9 7 6                               ¨ 10 2

§ K 6                                  § J 9 5 4


                     ª K 8

                     © A Q 3

                     ¨ A Q 8 5 3

                     § A Q 2


North opens 1 Club and South stops to think with his huge hand. He considers if he should try to tell partner about his hand, but follows our normal method to respond 1 Diamond to force partner to describe his hand. He wants to make an unlimited bid and partner will never have a better time to describe.

North rebids 1 No Trump to limit his hand to 13-16 points and show that he can't bid a 4-card major, rebid Clubs or raise Diamonds. South decides on No Trump and must decide how many. He has three possible approaches.

1. South counts 21 HCPs opposite an opening hand. If he doesn't care to divulge any information or if he doesn't trust partner, he can just blast to 6 No Trump.

2. If South does trust partner, but wants more information about his strength, he can invite with 4 No Trump. Partner will probably pass with his flat 14 HCPs.

3. If partner trusts his partner and is happy with the points, he may still be concerned with the missing Ace and three missing Kings. He can conjure up the seldom used but reliable Gerber with a jump to 4 Clubs from partner's 1 No Trump. North will respond 4 Hearts to show his Ace and South can continue with 5 Clubs to ask about Kings. North will respond 5 Spades to show his two Kings. Nervous Nellie might still pass missing a King, but DSS will always bid this slam. 

4. Always trust your partner!