Question of the Week - 6

 Hi All,

I was sent the following board and South asked for help. They let the opponents play 3 Spades and scored poorly. 

    North       East      South      West

♠️   8              AQJ9     54          KT7632

♥️   AKQT842    3         J6          975

♦️   752          KT98     A643       QJ

§   K5            Q843    AJT96      72

East opens 1 Club (a Diamond is better) and South passes. West responds 1 Spade and North must stop to think. He is way too strong for 2 or 3 Hearts. He decides his Hearts are self-supporting and counts 20 points. He sees two options. 

If North wants to try to shut out the opponents, he can jump to 4 Hearts with his favorable vulnerability. Partner would know that he has 7 sure tricks if they play Rule of 2 or 3, but would have no idea if they disdain that for "Modern Preempts". If the opponents were to compete to 4 Spades, he couldn't bid again and partner might not see 11 tricks.

North instead decides to double (Big) to try to get information from partner in case the opponents compete or there's a chance for slam. East raises to 2 Spades and South jumps to 4 Diamonds to show his best unbid suit and 9-12 points. 

Now North can rebid 4 Hearts and if the opponents compete to 4 Spades, he can compete to 5 Hearts and make it easily. 

Good luck to you all and stay well.   Dave