Monday Bridge 23 December 2019

Hi All,

It was good to be back on such a nice day. Congratulations to Darrell and Jan (73%) and John and Dave (60 %) for high scores for the day. Betty and Betsey get an honorable mention for scoring 73 % and not winning. Wow.

Next Monday we'll continue with responses to One-of-a-Suit Openings.

Thursday will be the Boxing Day game with Free bridge. Get out of the house!

Have a very Merry Christmas.


PS  Comments added to boards 7, 9 and 10.

South counts 14 points and opens 1 Club. North responds 1 Heart to force partner to describe his hand. South must rebid 1 No Trump and North rebids 3 Hearts to show his 6-card suit and 10 or more points. South knows that his 2-card support is adequate and makes partner stronger by at least 3 points. He raises to 4 Hearts and it makes for the top.

The crucial bid is for North to properly describe his hand so that partner can decide.

North counts 13 points and opens 1 Heart with his 5-card suit. East can't double, so overcalls 1 No Trump with his balanced hand, 16 HCPs and probable Heart stopper. South passes and West bids 2 Hearts, the Jacoby Transfer. North must pass and East bids 2 Spades as directed. South passes and West raises to 4 Spades. It makes with an overtrick. Rita and Pam somehow got to 3 No Trump with 2 overtricks for the top.

At my table, it went the same in the first round, but then North reversed to 3 Diamonds, an atrocious overbid promising 17 or more points. East couldn't see that partner could have much, so passed. South was forced by the reverse and showed preference with 3 Hearts. As it ended, John was the hero going down 3 for a terrific sacrifice, but he shouldn't have got away with it. East didn't know what West had, but West certainly did. He knew right away from partner's 1 No Trump overcall that he wanted to get to 4 Spades. He must now shake off the confusion and just bid it.

Let's suppose that East opens 1 Diamond with his 13 points and 2 suits. South will pass and West will respond 1 Hearts to force partner to describe his hand. North will pass and East will rebid 2 Clubs to show his two suits and limit his hand to 13-16 points. West will probably decide that partner can't have a 4-card Spade suit and just jump to 3 No Trump. If he does force again with 2 Spades, partner will probably bid No Trump and West will go to game. They should get to 3 No Trump either way and it makes for the top. Darrell and Jan were the only ones to get there. That's how you win!

Let's suppose that East instead passes. South may open 1 Spade and West will have to pass. North must respond 1 No Trump and East must pass. South may rebid 2 Hearts and East/West never get in. East doesn't have the greatest 13 points ever, but it was good enough.